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About Us

The Deep River Junior Ancient Fife and Drum Corps was established in the town of Deep River in 1955. Our mission is to teach children the music of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, the music of our military services and some currently written tunes. The children are taught these skills on handmade rope tension drums, and six hole wooden fifes. The uniform that the corps wears is based on the era of the Revolutionary War. The children are taught military bearing and march with knowledge and  pride as a result. Dressed in uniforms representing the Revolutionary War era, red wool long coats, cotton brocade vests, black tricorn hats and black cotton gaiters, all which are enhanced with brass buttons. The corps marches with handmade instruments to keep the authenticity of the era we represent. These uniforms are recognized as one of the sharpest in the Fife and Drum Corps community and are appreciated by the reaction of everyone they have ever performed in front of. 

The Corps has three of the finest musicians as paid instructors. As a result, the musicality and expertise of the Corps is well known throughout the country and Europe. The members of the Corps the earn all the funds for instruction, new uniforms, and upkeep of the instruments throughout paid jobs and fund raisers. They also donate many hours to the local community by marching and performing pro bono.

Over the past 67 years, the history of the Corps is vast and quite impressive. A few of the performance highlights include:

Texas State Fair, performance at Royal Albert Hal in London, Westminister New Years Day Millennium Parade with a performance at Central Methodist Hall, PBS special with Boston Pops and John Denver, Westpoint, New York World's Fair, New Haven Symphony, Bennington Battle Day Parade, Basel Switzerland, USPMA National Convention (Standing ovation by 1200 members), Reenactment of the Battle of Yorktown and hundred of parades around the state. The Deep River Juniors have earned many 1st place awards in countless parades throughout our history the latest being New Haven St. Patricks Day Parade (2019) judged by the Northeastern Judges Association.

We have had many members who were CT State champions. The Corps received the distinction of Northeastern Champions in both music and military bearing. State Champions from throughout the Northeast compete, with only one winner in both categories, this accomplishment was an exceptional feat!  Currently our bass drummer Olivia Handy won 1st place in the United States Rudimental Drummers Association Competition. Olivia was the first female to have ever won this prestigious award!

Board of Directors:


President-  Roberta Armstead        
Vice President- Marilyn Malcarne      
Secretary- Adriana Cerrato     
Treasurer- Haley Armstead       
Business Manager- Kim Lee       
Assistant Business Manager- Marilyn Malcarne      
Quartermaster - D
enise Maikowski

Trailer Hauler/Maintenance - Bill Armstead     

Member at Large:

Mariah Mager      
Debbie Sims

Erin Pelletier 

Instructors and Sergeants 


Fife Instructor: Scott Greenstreet

Snare Instructor: Terry Malcarne

Bass Instructor: Aaron Beard



Drum Major: Dakotah Maikowski 

Fife Sergeant:

Snare Sergeant:

Bass Sergeant:

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